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The Game Boy Advance SP is designed to address the three most common complaints heard from GBA users.
Most importantly, there's a bright light built into the front edge of the new GBA's display. This should make it easier to see under a variety of lighting conditions. Partly to offset the demands of the internal light, Nintendo has added rechargeable batteries to the GBA SP. And to put it all together, the device has a new clamshell design, which folds to protect the screen and is only about half the size of the original handheld. Gameboy Micro

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GBA SP Release dates:

JAP on February 14
USA on March 23
EUR on March 28

As for US specifics, the Game Boy Advance SP is scheduled to ship in North America on March 23. While three colors have been announced for the GBA SP's launch in Japan and Europe, only two colors, platinum and cobalt, will be available in the US.

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In mid-2002, technically adept GameBoy Advance owners were offered a solution with the Afterburner, which let you install your own internal lighting system to the GameBoy.

gba afterburner backlight kit

Though installing the device voided the GBA warranty and required technical skills beyond the ability of most gamers, it has been a big hit.

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